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    dental clinic «Accent»
    I want to say thank you to Ekaterina Viktorovna Kryazheva for her work and patience for my child, I'm very glad that we to her. I recommend to all.
    On 25 September 2018, I turned to Dr. Ekaterina Viktorovna on the issue of treatment of periodontitis. The doctor very t...horoughly and politely described the problem, taking up the treatment. She was very careful and consistent in her actions. The next appointment was scheduled two weeks later. I came unscheduled through the day with progressive swelling and pain. The request to take a picture (which, by the way, was not made on the day of the first treatment after filling of the root canal) was followed by a response about its inexpediency, since "everything was qualitatively done". I went for a consultation with a surgeon (in another medical center). There, after compulsory picture (!), it turns out that root canals was not fully sealed ( this is one of the important points of successful treatment). The result: incision, recovery, spending money from another doctor, lost time and money. And besides: in addition to business cards of a doctor and advice. The card was wound.
    I removed my wisdom tooth in dentistry "Accent". Before this manipulation, I was a little nervous about it, but it was v...ain as it has appeared: Elena Valerevna Rudaya is master of her craft. Probably, It took a minute. Elena is not only a great specialist, but a very nice woman. Before the procedure, she cheered me, asked how I'm, all the time smiling and joking. In the selection of drugs, she took into account that I still breastfeed the child, and then gave recommendations for early healing of the hole. Everything went perfectly, without complications! Many thanks to such a wonderful doctor for her work, she has golden hands and a good heart. I definitely recommend!
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    About us

    Dental clinic «Accent» is the best choice for those who dream of a healthy and snow-white smile. Our center, located in the neighborhood of Malinovka, offers a whole range of services:

    • Dental hygiene and prevention
    • Dentistry, gum treatment
    • Air Flow cleaning
    • Periodontal disease and pulpitis treatment
    • Orthopedics
    • Dental implantation
    • Dental prosthetics (metal ceramic crowns, tab prosthetics, metalless ceramics, zirconia crowns, byugel dentures, removable dentures)
    • Teeth whitening (chemical teeth whitening, office teeth whitening, home teeth whitening)
    • X-ray of teeth
    • Teeth restoration
    • Removal of tartar
    • Tooth splinting

    Additional services

    • Children's dentistry (fissure sealing, dentistry, teeth varnishing)
    • Dentistry for pregnant women

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    Dentistry professionals are engaged in the treatment of teeth of any complexity. They will do everything necessary for the beauty of your smile. During our work, we have won the trust of many clients who visit our dentistry with their families, without fear of the dental chair and not doubting the quality of the services provided.

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    • Convenient work schedule (seven days a week)
    • Discount system
    • Experienced dentists

    Dental clinic «Accent» — fair prices dentistry.

    Please note that a specialist consultation is required: advertised medical services may have contraindications and adverse reactions.

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